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The training begins…

Friday, February 13th, 2009

I went to the Team in Training kick off night on Wednesday, and officially began training on Saturday for the San Diego Rock ‘N Roll Marathon.  But first, I will be going to The Colorado Running Company to make sure I have the proper running attire.  I am pretty confident in my choice of running gear- my shoes are Nike Equalon+2 , I have Nike Cold Running pants , the perfect champion tank (seriously, the best purchase for ALL season running/outdoor activities).


In addition, I have a variety of running jackets and shorts.  One of my favorite is the Nike Hoodie
I really do think I am set for any type of training.

[Side note: I do have a confession about the shoes though; it turns out that I may need to alter a little bit off the Nike path as I just found out I have one leg a little longer than the other. Hopefully, I can put in a few Dr. Schol's and call it even :) . Will keep you posted...]

After the coach ensures we, his team, will not get injured (read: correct running shoes), and we will not freeze in the cold weather, THEN we can start to run. And that starts Saturday morning. As I understand it, we will be running just one mile and timed, then put into running groups based on speed.  My hip has been acting up (the uneven leg), so I think I may accidentally fall into the “walking” group…If that happens, I may just walk off the track and never come back.

I have never been formally trained as a runner.  It should be interesting, I will follow a schedule that increases each week.  There will also be Tuesday meetings at the track for plyometrics (a type of exercise using explosive movements – e.g., bounding, hopping, and jumping – to develop muscular power.  I am really intrigued with that since I haven’t included any plyometrics in my running. What I understand is that by doing short sprints, jumping, and such once a week, in addition to running, mt strides should get longer and I should become faster.  I still think the best part of the training process will be knowing what type of runner I am and making sure I am getting the most out of my running.  The thing I will have to get use to is running with people on long runs. I don’t really run with anyone- occasionally my sisters when we are together. Other than that, it’s just me and Sammy.

Right now, training is on my mind, next week will be fundraising…I am looking for ideas!  Only about $2400 left to raise for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.